my-medpak program

  we partner with my-medPak to help you manage your medications.

my-medPak - Easy as 123

my-medPak - Easy as 123

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Compliance Packaging

All of your medications are organized by the date and time you should take them. It's super easy!

Insurance Pays 

There is NO additional cost for the my-medPak program, and co-pays stay the same. If you pay out of pocket, we will attempt to match or beat the competitor’s regular pricing.

Our Care Team

Our team of pharmacists, certified technicians, and customer care specialists are available 24/7 for any of your pharmacy-related questions or needs.

Automatic Refills 

We take care of your refills every month and communicate with your doctors for any required authorizations.

Home Delivery

We provide FREE delivery directly to the location of your choice!

Medication Synchronization

We match up all your medications’ fill dates so they will all run out at the same time. This way you always have just the right supply.