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Healthy @ Home

We want to help you successfully manage your health and live the best life possible. Every day, you make decisions that affect your health: you decide what to eat, when to take medications, how to exercise or when to make doctor appointments. Making these decisions can be confusing and stressful. 


With planned care, we can help you feel more in control of your health by involving you in more decisions about it. For example, you would help set treatment goals based on what is important to you, instead of someone else setting them for you.


Lack of health care coordination can be unsafe for the patient. When abnormal test results are not communicated correctly, or prescriptions from multiple physicians conflict with each other, or primary care physicians are not notified about hospital discharge plans – the patient can experience complications in their care.


The Healthy at Home Program helps build a therapeutic and effective relationship between you, your primary care physicians, pharmacists, and other clinical professionals. Your health care needs will be responded to efficiently and your services coordinated effectively.

Planned Care Components:

  •  A home assessment that provides a full clinical assessment, medication review, and   home safety evaluation.

  •  The most current information/ tools which support the best management of medical condition, activity and medications.

  • Medication management, through my-medPak: customized medication packaging, personalized pharmacy consultation, synchronized refills ( all medication refilled at the same time), free delivery.

  • Telehealth monitoring of blood pressure, weight , heart rate, oxygen levels, and blood sugar readings.

  • Provide fall risk patients with a mobile fall detector devise for 30 days through LiveSAFE. 

  • Ongoing communication and resources with our Community Care Cooridinator to support your changing health.

Our Role

  • Work with you and your family to achieve specific goals

  • Assist you with solving issues related to living with chronic illness, including symptom management, activity and diet plans and use of specialized equipment. 

  • Provide the most current information/ tools which supports, the best management of your medical condition, activity and lifestyle needs.

  • Support you with your medication management.

Your Role 

• Be available for scheduled home visits or telephone contacts.

• Use the tele-monitoring system each day (if applicable).

• Keep all scheduled doctor appointments.

• Comply with medication management using my-medPak.

• Adopt healthy behaviors to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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